party  New Hampshire lands its first  Pro Esports Social Gaming Center at White Lake Speedway in Tamworth.

The state-of-the-art gaming systems offer top titles, low ping rates and high frame speeds with all the accouterments gamers want and love.


“It fits perfectly with the space we have.   The pro eSports gaming systems takes family fun to a whole other level.”  says Owner of White Lake Speedway. 


The first ever “eSports mini LAN”  is located at the White Lake Speedway (WLS) World-Class Laser Tag facility next to the long-loved activities of mini-golf and go-karts. 

“We want to build a community-focused family fun center here year-round.”  Bob has been steadily making improvements to the property since he founded it 17 years ago. 

We started our first all-season activity last year with our World-Class Laser Tag.   It’s the only laser tag facility of its kind and now we have the only eSports facility of its kind in New Hampshire.” 

White Lake Speedway spans two building facilities at 1799 White Mountain Highway (Route16 ) just north of the Ossipee town line across from the Tamworth Department of Motor Vehicles.

Game time is available now on 6 stations with 6 more planned to come online later this week.  An official opening party is scheduled for August.

“This is what players want.  They want to be social and competitive on a level playing field.” says Christian Montessori, CEO of Sumus Gaming, the technical integrator of the “Turnkey Mini eSports LAN”.   Distributed by Tonk Group, LLC,  the 3v3 min eSports LANs are available as a no-cost turnkey model to entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and fun centers looking to electrify their service offering with eSports.  

The eSport Pro-Am Gaming center at White Lake Speedway (WLS) will accommodate up to 12 players at a time.  The 3 versus 3 battle stations are equipped with professional gaming computers, 32 inch 144 hz screens with 1 ms display.  Players  use the ergonomically designed gaming keyboard, mouse, game controller, headphones and essential player seating at each station.

“These are really, really comfortable chairs.” says William, a local eSports player and WLS employee.  “The stations are awesome.”

The WLS Pro-Am eSports center is an enterprise-class management system that will host daily, weekly and monthly tournaments, competitive play as well as events, parties and open game time year-round.    

“There is a much desired charitable aspect to gaming as well.”  says Tonk Group CEO, Tara Sue Myers.  Tonk Group is a charitable game developer localizing gaming with “Turnkey Mini Esports LANs”.   “Business and community groups have been sponsoring little and minor leagues for decades.  Esports is next.   Our kids are there.  We should be too.”

Esports have been around since 1980 with different games attracting different age groups in what is quickly becoming the most spectated and most sponsored sport on the planet.   Esport players start as grade-schoolers and competitors peak in their 20’s making a developing pipeline of young talent essential to the burgeoning industry. 

  • Play with the whole family
  • Compete with the Pros
  • Rent game space for school, team and student fundraising.
  • Compete with local players.   
  • Support games and tournaments with many multimedia sponsorship opportunities. 

White Lakes Speedway in Tamworth, just north of the highway 25 traffic light in Ossipee north of the DMV and play with your friends and family or compete in upcoming tournaments for cash and prizes!  

“The eSports center is a call to duty for local players to support veterans and other charitable endeavors at White Lake Speedway.   Carroll County is home to more veterans per capita, but has the fewest military family resources of all counties in New Hampshire.” reports Myers.    Tonk  Group dedicates a portion of its proceeds to the Veterans Foundation of NH, Inc.  (VFNH)-an all-volunteer charity that provides no-cost legal services to veterans.

The popular eSports game Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare is set to release in October 2019.   A launch party with open and competitive game play along with the start of the ladder for a Veterans Day Call of Duty Tournament  event to benefit the Veterans Law Project  in November.

“We want to be a part of supporting our local community.”  says Bob.   

With eSports in Tamworth, local NH gamers won’t be overlooked. 




Known for top-notch family fun and entertainment, WLS eSports operators are planning to assist many nonprofits in their fundraising endeavors with the new pro-am gaming center, tournaments and leagues.